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Griselda Blanco Net Worth
Net Worth:
$2 Billion
Date of Birth
February 15, 1943
Place of Birth
Illegal drug dealer

Griselda Blanco net worth: Griselda Blanco was a notorious drug trafficker working who had a peak net worth of $2 billion during her lifetime. She was born in Cartegena, Colombia on February 15, 1943. Griselda Blanco earned her net worth as one of the largest distributors of cocaine throughout the country in the 70s and 80s. She was also one of the most murderous crime bosses of all time who was allegedly responsibly for hundreds of murders of men, women and children. Many of whom were involved in the drug business, but others were completely innocent bystanders. Griselda worked closely with Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who was actually a friend from childhood. She was frequently called "the black widow" because two of her husbands ended up dead under mysterious circumstances. After running her evil empire for nearly a decade, Griselda was eventually caught and sentenced to 20 years in prison, in 1985. She was released early then deported to Colombia over a technicality. Griselda Blanco was shot to death in her home country of Colombia on Monday September 3rd, 2012 while shopping for groceries with her pregnant daughter in law. Griselda's murderer rode up on a motorcycle and shot her to death at point blank range.

Griselda Blanco Net Worth

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Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco, known as La Madrina, the Black Widow, the Cocaine Godmother and the Queen of Narco-Trafficking, was a drug lord of the MedellĂ­n Cartel and a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine drug trade and underworld during the 1970s and early 1980s. She is the founder of...
Date of Birth
  • February 15, 1943
  • La Dama de la Mafia
  • The Godmother
  • The Black Widow
  • Cocaine Queen of Miami
  • La Madrina
  • The Mafia Lady
  • The Cocaine Godmother
  • 4 ft 11 in (1.52 m)
  • Colombia
  • Colombia
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