The 20 Richest Drug Dealers of All Time

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Who are the richest drug dealers of all time? The people on this list make Tony Montana look like Tony the Tiger. People become drug dealers because it's still the only profession where someone without a college education can become one of the richest people on the planet in just a few years. It's also one of the only professions where people are trying to kill or arrest you every single day. But the real money isn't in the hand to hand drug dealing you see on city corners, if you want to become insanely wealthy you need to either supply or transport wholesale amounts of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or marijuana. We're talking about the kingpins, the drug lords, the real bosses. Until you've reached these levels, you really are just a small timer. The more drugs you are able to wholesale, the more money you will make… assuming you don't get caught by the DEA or gunned down by a rival cartel. But who are the richest drug lords in history? This was a very popular debate on the CelebrityNetWorth facebook page so we took it upon ourselves to settle it once and for all with the following list. The research took two weeks because we kept uncovering new kingpins and information that absolutely blew our minds. There are definitely some familiar faces on this list who have been made famous by big budget Hollywood movies, but there are also some people here who you've probably never even heard of, so click the image below to launch our gallery of the 20 richest drug dealers of all time!

The Richest Drug Dealers:

  • #20 George Jung – Net Worth $10 Thousand
  • #19 Nicky Barnes – Net Worth $500 Thousand
  • #18 Freeway Ricky Ross – Net Worth $1 Million
  • #17 Frank Lucas – Net Worth $1.5 Million
  • #16 José Figueroa Agosto – Net Worth $100 Million
  • #15 Paul Lir Alexander – Net Worth $170 Million
  • #14 Zhenli Ye Gon – Net Worth $300 Million
  • #13 Joseph Kennedy – Net Worth $400 Million
  • #12 Rafael Caro Quintero – Net Worth $650 Million
  • #11 Joaquín Loera AKA Chapo Guzman – Net Worth $1 Billion
  • #10 Al Capone – Net Worth $1.3 Billion
  • #9 Griselda Blanco – Net Worth $2 Billion
  • #8 Carlos Lehder – Net Worth $2.7 Billion
  • #7 The Orejuela Brothers – Net Worth $3 Billion
  • #6 Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha – Net Worth $5 Billion
  • #5 Khun Sa – Net Worth $5 Billion
  • #4 The Ochoa Brothers – Net Worth $6 Billion
  • #3 Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar – Net Worth $6.7 Billion
  • #2 Amado Carrillo Fuentes – Net Worth $25 Billion
  • #1 Pablo Escobar – Net Worth $30 Billion
  • ***Fabio Ochoa – Net Worth: Unknown

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