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Meet the $100 Million Hitmakers You've Probably Never Heard Of: Barry Mann And Cynthia Weil
24 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PDT

This prolific songwriting duo has been churning out successful tracks for 55 years. Meet the $100 million hitmakers – Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Rappers Who Have Made A Lot Of Money Off Marijuana
24 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PDT

These rappers are making tons of green off a different kind of green…

When Bob Hope Died Some Thought He Was A Billionaire–What's The Real Deal?
24 Feb 2015 @ 12AM PDT

Bob Hope's long lasting popularity earned him millions of fans and millions of dollars, but how much was he worth at the end of it all?

Top TV Star Salaries
24 Feb 2015 @ 12AM PDT

Which TV stars make the most money every year?

Multi-Billionaire Howard Hughes Took Eccentric Millionaire To A Whole New Level
24 Feb 2015 @ 12AM PDT

Howard Hughes was so wealthy he could do just about anything. This included buying an entire casino so he could turn off their flashing neon sign.

Eight Examples Of Absolutely Insane Chinese Government Corruption
22 Feb 2015 @ 4PM PDT

The nerve that was required to pull off this level of corruption is absolutely mind boggling.

The Richest Oscar Winners Of All Time
21 Feb 2015 @ 6AM PDT

Every year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out Oscars to some incredibly wealthy people. But who are the absolute wealthiest people ever to win an Academy Award? You're about to find out!

Celebrity Billionaires
19 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PDT

Behold! These magical human beings have not only managed to become celebrities, they are also BILLIONAIRES! Double whammy of awesome!!!

The Highest Grossing Nightclubs In America–2015
19 Feb 2015 @ 5PM PDT

What are the top-grossing nightclubs in America??? And how much money do they make??? You're about to find out!

The 10 Most Successful African American CEOs
18 Feb 2015 @ 8PM PDT

From Jay-Z to Oprah Winfrey, to Ken Chenault of American Express and Robert Johnson of BET, these are the most successful African American CEOs.

How To Destroy A 1,400-Year-Old Family Business
18 Feb 2015 @ 8PM PDT

Masakazu Kongo was the 40th member of his family to run their 1,400-year-old family business. He was also the last, as the company collapsed during his tenure.

Which Actors And Films Have Won The Most Academy Awards?
17 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PDT

So many fun Oscar factoids in this article! The oldest winner, the youngest winner, the most wins…Everything you could ever want to know about the Academy Awards!

This Mystery Woman Makes $13 Million A Year Opening Toys On YouTube
17 Feb 2015 @ 6PM PDT

DisneyCollectorBR is one of the most popular and profitable YouTube personalities in the world. She's never shown her face and no one knows anything about her!

Someone Just Paid $300 Million For This Painting–Setting A New World Record
16 Feb 2015 @ 7PM PDT

Someone just spent $300 million to buy this painting by Paul Gauguin–setting a new world record for most expensive painting ever sold.

Vladimir Putin's Net Worth Is $200 Billion, According To Prominent Russian Finance Expert
15 Feb 2015 @ 9PM PDT

A prominent hedge fund manager and Russian finance expert just announced that he believes Vladimir Putin is worth at least $200 billion.