Mary Crosby

Born Sep 14, 1959
  • Actor
Net Worth
$5 Million
Mary Frances Crosby is an American actress, best known for her role as Kristin Shepard in the television series Dallas.

Mary Crosby Stats


: Mary Frances Crosby, Mary Francis Crosby


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: September 14, 1959

Place of Birth

: Los Angeles

Mary Crosby Film Roles

  1. Tapeheads
  2. The Night Caller
  3. The Ice Pirates
    Princess Karina
  4. Corporate Affairs
    Jessica Pierce
  5. Stagecoach
  6. Body Chemistry
    Body Chemistry
  7. Desperate Motive
  8. Last Plane Out
  9. Cupid
  10. Just 45 Minutes from Broadway
    Sharon Cooper

Mary Crosby Film Appearances

  1. The Legendary Bing Crosby

Mary Crosby TV Starring Roles

  1. Dallas Reunion: The Return to Southfork
  2. Brothers and Sisters
  3. Hollywood Wives
  4. Dallas
    Kristin Shepard
  5. North and South, Book II
    Isabel Hazard

Mary Crosby TV Guest Roles

  1. Profit and Loss
  2. Who Done It
    Who Done It
  3. Mother of the Year
    Mother of the Year
  4. Distortions
  5. Easy Come, Easy Go
  6. Nightmare
  7. Power Play
    Power Play
  8. Violated
  9. Special #6
  10. Beans' First Adventure (2)