Joel Polis

Born Oct 3, 1951
  • Actor
Joel Polis is an American television, film and stage actor. He has appeared in over one hundred television programs and films during his career.

Joel Polis Stats


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: October 3, 1951

Place of Birth

: Philadelphia

Joel Polis Film Roles

  1. Serial Killer
    Jack Blund
  2. A Light in the Darkness
    Corporate Flunkie #1
  3. The Thing
    The Thing
  4. Best Defense
    First Agent
  5. Alien Hunter
  6. Tumbleweeds
  7. The Sleepwalker Killing
    Asst. Atty. Jimmy
    The Sleepwalker Killing
  8. Fly by Night
  9. True Believer
    Dean Rabin
  10. The Rookie

Joel Polis TV Guest Roles

  1. The Uncle Devil Show
  2. Open Water
  3. Entrapment
  4. Welcome to America, Mr. Brand
  5. From Beer to Eternity
    From Beer to Eternity
  6. Fade to White
  7. Unnecessary Losses
  8. Presumed Innocent
  9. The Bachelor Party
  10. Cutters
Joel Polis