Chris Berman

Born May 10, 1955
  • Journalist, Sports commentator, Announcer, Commentator, Actor, Newscaster
Net Worth
$18 Million
Christopher James "Chris" Berman, also known by the nickname Boomer, is an American sportscaster. He anchors SportsCenter, Monday Night Countdown, Sunday NFL Countdown, U.S. Open golf, the Stanley Cup Finals, and other programming on ESPN and ABC Sports. Berman calls play-by-play of select Major Lea...
Chris Berman

Chris Berman Stats


: Christopher James Berman, The Swami, Boomer


: Journalist, Sports commentator, Announcer, Commentator, Actor, Newscaster


: 6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: May 10, 1955

Place of Birth

: Greenwich

Chris Berman Film Roles

  1. Necessary Roughness
  2. Draft Day

Chris Berman Film Appearances

  1. Run Ricky Run
    Run Ricky Run
  2. June 17, 1994
  3. America's Parking Lot

Chris Berman TV Starring Roles

  1. Baseball Tonight
  2. Monday Night Countdown
  3. NHL on ABC
  4. Sunday NFL Countdown
    Sunday NFL Countdown
  5. SportsCenter
  6. Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia
  7. SportsCentury

Chris Berman TV Guest Roles

  1. Show #2501
  2. Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc
  3. D-Day
  4. The Kidney's All Right
  5. Family Picnic
  6. How to Be a Good Listener
  7. Catcher in the Bronx

Chris Berman TV Appearances

  1. SportsCenter
  2. Monday Night Football

Chris Berman Political Donations

  • 2006
  • Joe Lieberman
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