Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell

Born Feb 11, 1961
  • Model, Actor
Net Worth
$6 Million
Carey Lowell is an American actress and former model.

Carey Lowell Stats


: Лоуэлл, Кэри


: Model, Actor


: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 11, 1961

Place of Birth

: Huntington

Carey Lowell Film Roles

  1. The Guardian
  2. Dangerously Close
  3. Licence to Kill
    Pam Bouvier
    Licence to Kill
  4. Club Paradise
    Club Paradise
  5. Fierce Creatures
    Cub Felines
  6. Sleepless in Seattle
    Maggie Baldwin
    Sleepless in Seattle
  7. Love Affair
  8. Down Twisted
  9. Road to Ruin
    Jessie Tailor
    Road to Ruin

Carey Lowell Film Appearances

  1. My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story
  2. Bond Girls Are Forever
    Bond Girls Are Forever

Carey Lowell TV Starring Roles

  1. A League of Their Own
  2. Law & Order
  3. A League of Their Own

Carey Lowell TV Guest Roles

  1. Baby It's You (2)
    Jamie Ross
  2. School Daze
    Jamie Ross
  3. Sedgewick's
  4. Forty-One Shots
    Judge Jamie Ross
  5. Justice
  6. What You Wish For
  7. The Puncher
  8. A New Light
Carey Lowell