Apollonia Kotero

Born Aug 2, 1959
  • Singer, Actor, Model, Designer, Talent manager
Net Worth
$4 Million
Apollonia Kotero is an actress, singer, former model and talent manager of Mexican descent. She is perhaps best known for co-starring in Prince's 1984 film Purple Rain and for having been the lead singer in the girl group Apollonia 6.
Apollonia Kotero

Apollonia Kotero Stats


: Patricia Apollonia Kotero, Patricia Kotero, Apollonia, Apallonia, Patricia Appollonia Kotero, Patti Kotero, Patty Kotero


: Singer, Actor, Model, Designer, Talent manager


: 5 ft 3 in (1.62 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: August 2, 1959

Place of Birth

: Santa Monica

Apollonia Kotero Film Roles

  1. Purple Rain
  2. Heartbreaker: Streets of Fire
  3. Ministry of Vengeance
  4. The Mystic Warrior

Apollonia Kotero Film Appearances

  1. Homeless in America

Apollonia Kotero TV Guest Roles

  1. Strange Bedfellows
  2. Inconceivable Affairs
  3. Skyy/ Desiree Coleman/ Apollonia
  4. Force of Habit
    Force of Habit
  5. Storm Warning
  6. Apollonia
  7. Sharps and Flats
  8. Fair Game
  9. The Naked Truth
  10. Ingress and Egress

Apollonia Kotero Musical Groups

  1. Apollonia 6

Apollonia Kotero Albums

  1. Apollonia
  2. The Ring - Songs From Middle Earth

Apollonia Kotero Political Donations

Apollonia Kotero