Arthur Darvill

Born Jun 17, 1982
  • Actor, Musician, Composer
Thomas Arthur Darvill is an English actor and singer, known professionally as Arthur Darvill. He is noted for his work in the plays Terre Haute and Swimming with Sharks, but is best known for his role as Rory Williams, one of the Eleventh Doctor's companions in the television series Doctor Who.

Arthur Darvill Stats


: Thomas Arthur Darvill


: Actor, Musician, Composer


: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)


: United Kingdom

Date of Birth

: Jun 17, 1982 (36 years old)

Place of Birth

: Birmingham

Arthur Darvill Film Roles

  1. Pelican Blood
    Pelican Blood
  2. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
    Mick Gallagher
    Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
  3. Doctor Who: Space and Time
    Rory Williams
  4. He Kills Coppers
  5. Robin Hood
    Robin Hood

Arthur Darvill Film Appearances

  1. Little Dorrit: An Insight

Arthur Darvill TV Starring Roles

  1. Little Dorrit
    Tip Dorrit
    Little Dorrit
  2. Doctor Who
    Rory Williams
    Doctor Who
  3. Doctor Who, Animated

Arthur Darvill TV Guest Roles

  1. The Eleventh Hour
    Rory Williams
    The Eleventh Hour
  2. The Vampires of Venice
    Rory Williams
    The Vampires of Venice
  3. Amy's Choice
    Rory Williams
    Amy's Choice
  4. The Hungry Earth (1)
    Rory Williams
    The Hungry Earth (1)
  5. Cold Blood (2)
    Rory Williams
  6. The Big Bang (2)
    Rory Williams
  7. The Pandorica Opens (1)
    Rory Williams
    The Pandorica Opens (1)
  8. Closing Time
  9. A Good Man Goes to War