Eric Evans

  • Pornographic actor
Eric Evans is an American gay porn actor. Known as a Bear in the gay community, He has done many leather and barebacking films. Evans made is debut in the 1992 porno The Cult Club. He was Zeus Man of the Year in 1998. He has done pornos for Raging Stallion Studios and Zeus Studios. Before entering t...

Eric Evans Stats


: Pornographic actor


: Caucasian race

Place of Birth

: Los Angeles

Eric Evans Film Roles

  1. Prowl 1 & Prowl 2: Go In Deeper
  2. He's Worth It!
  3. All-American Boys 2
  4. Taxi Tales
  5. Wear It Out
  6. Porn Struck 4
  7. Falcon Four Hours - Seaside Sex
  8. Best Of Tom Vacarro
    Best Of Tom Vacarro
  9. Live and Raw: The Movie
  10. Muscle Sweat And Brawn