Jacky Wu

Born Sep 26, 1962
  • Presenter, Actor
Jacky Wu or Xian Ge, is a celebrity from Taiwan. He is an accomplished variety show host, singer and actor. He hosts and co-hosts numerous variety shows, such as long running popular Taiwanese variety show GUESS.

Jacky Wu Stats


: 吳宗憲, 吴宗宪, 宪哥, 憲哥, Wu Zongxian, Wu Tsung-hsien, Wu Zong Xian, Wu, Jacky


: Presenter, Actor

Date of Birth

: Sep 26, 1962 (55 years old)

Place of Birth

: Taiwan

Jacky Wu TV Appearances

  1. Guess

Jacky Wu Albums

  1. 你比從前快樂
  2. 吳宗憲的台語歌
  3. 永保安康
  4. 脫離軌道
  5. 愛讓一切都對了
  6. 超級珍貴
  7. 絕對收藏1
  8. Liou Xin
  9. Love Makes Everything All Right
  10. Out of Orbit