Yul Vazquez

Yul Vazquez

  • Actor, Musician, Film Producer
Yul Vázquez is a Cuban American actor, perhaps best known for his role as Bob” in the Seinfeld episodes “The Soup Nazi, The Sponge and The Puerto Rican Day. He is married to Linda Larkin. He can currently be seen on the Starz drama Magic City. Set in 1960s Miami, the show centers on the upscale...

Yul Vazquez Stats


: Yul Vázquez, Yul Vasquez


: Actor, Musician, Film Producer


: Cuba

Place of Birth

: Cuba

Yul Vazquez Film Roles

  1. War of the Worlds
    War of the Worlds
  2. American Gangster
    Alfonso Abruzzo
    American Gangster
  3. Things That Hang from Trees
    Juan Lopez
    Things That Hang from Trees
  4. Runaway Bride
    Dead Head Gill Chavez
    Runaway Bride
  5. The Take
  6. Bad Boys II
    Detective Mateo Reyes
    Bad Boys II
  7. Music Within
    Mike Stoltz
  8. The Missing Person
  9. Southern Gothic
  10. Anamorph

Yul Vazquez Film Producer

  1. Crash & Burn
  2. Adam Shaw

Yul Vazquez Film Executive Producer

  1. F--K