Yoram Globus

Born Oct 21, 1941
  • Film Producer, Television Producer, Financier
Yoram Globus, is an Israeli film producer who is most famous for his association with Cannon Films Inc., a company he ran with his cousin Menahem Golan. The cousins bought The Cannon Group production company in 1979 and managed it throughout the 1980s. Because of their fast, low-budget style of film...

Yoram Globus Stats


: Film Producer, Television Producer, Financier


: Israel

Date of Birth

: Oct 21, 1941 (77 years old)

Place of Birth

: Tiberias

Yoram Globus Film Producer

  1. American Ninja
    American Ninja
  2. Appointment with Death
    Appointment with Death
  3. Barfly
  4. Bloodsport
  5. Cobra
  6. Enter the Ninja
  7. Exterminator 2
  8. Hercules
  9. Lifeforce
  10. Love Streams
    Love Streams

Yoram Globus Film Executive Producer

  1. Daughters, Daughters
    Daughters, Daughters
  2. Haunted Summer
  3. Business as Usual
    Business as Usual
  4. Surrender
  5. Breakin'
  6. Mata Hari
    Mata Hari
  7. A Man Called Sarge
  8. P.O.W. The Escape
    P.O.W. The Escape
  9. The Mummy Lives
    The Mummy Lives
  10. Nine Deaths of the Ninja