William Ragsdale

Born Jan 19, 1961
  • Actor
William Ragsdale is an American film and television actor best known for playing teen vampire slayer hero Charley Brewster in the 1985 horror vampire classic, Fright Night, and as Herman Brooks on Herman's Head from 1991-94.

William Ragsdale Stats


: Robert William Ragsdale, Bill Ragsdale


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Jan 19, 1961 (58 years old)

Place of Birth

: El Dorado

William Ragsdale Film Roles

  1. Mannequin Two: On the Move
  2. Fright Night
    Charley Brewster
    Fright Night
  3. Fright Night II
  4. Road House 2: Last Call
  5. Wonderful World
    Buford Parks
    Wonderful World
  6. Smooth Talk
  7. Just a Little Harmless Sex
  8. The Reaping
    Sheriff Cade
  9. L.A. Blues
    L.A. Blues
  10. The Last Time

William Ragsdale TV Starring Roles

  1. Herman's Head
  2. Grosse Pointe
  3. Brother's Keeper

William Ragsdale TV Guest Roles

  1. What Would We Do Without You?
  2. Requiem
  3. Guys or Dolls
  4. The 5 Wood
  5. A Cure for What Ails You
  6. Claude's Appartment
  7. Fire in the Hole
    Fire in the Hole
  8. Shattered
  9. Boys to Men
  10. Still Graduating