Werner Klemperer

Werner Klemperer

Born Mar 22, 1920
  • Actor, Musician
Werner Klemperer was a German-born American stage, film, and television actor and musician. Born in Cologne, Klemperer and his family fled Germany in 1935. After serving in the United States Army during World War II, he began his professional acting career on the Broadway stage in 1947. Klemperer ap...

Werner Klemperer Stats


: Actor, Musician


: Germany

Date of Birth

: Mar 22, 1920 - Dec 6, 2000 (80 years old)

Place of Birth

: Cologne

Date of Death

: Dec 6, 2000

Place of Death

: Manhattan

Cause of Death

: Cancer

Werner Klemperer Film Roles

  1. Wake Me When the War Is Over
    Wake Me When the War Is Over
  2. Kiss Them for Me
  3. Star Spangled Salesman
  4. Judgment at Nuremberg
  5. Flight to Hong Kong
  6. 5 Steps to Danger
  7. The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez
    Fat Man Looking for a Tax Break
  8. The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
    The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
  9. Dark Intruder
    Prof. Malaki
  10. Ship of Fools
    Lt. Huebner
    Ship of Fools

Werner Klemperer TV Starring Roles

  1. Hogan's Heroes
    Col. Wilhelm Klink
  2. The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible

Werner Klemperer TV Guest Roles

  1. The Last Temptation of Homer
  2. After You, Ludwig
  3. Trial At Grand Forks
    Colonel von Bleist
  4. Sunday Supplement
    Clifton Bunker
  5. Episode #20
  6. Episode #37
  7. Episode #40
  8. It's the Way You Play the Game (2)
    Colonel Klink
    It's the Way You Play the Game (2)
  9. The Case of the Two-Faced Turnabout
    Ulric Zenas
  10. Escape to Freedom