Wendy Schaal

Wendy Schaal

Born Jul 2, 1954
  • Actor, Voice Actor
Wendy Schaal is an American actress and voice actress who is best known as the voice of Francine Smith in the long-running and ongoing adult animated series American Dad!.

Wendy Schaal Stats


: Wendy K. Schaal, Wendy Schall, Wendy K. Shaal, Wendy Scaal, Wendy Scaall, Wendy Scal, Wendy Schal, Wendy Schaall


: Actor, Voice Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Jul 2, 1954 (64 years old)

Place of Birth

: Chicago

Wendy Schaal Film Roles

  1. Small Soldiers
    Marion Fimple
  2. Creature
    Beth Sladen
  3. Innerspace
  4. The 'Burbs
    The 'Burbs
  5. Where the Boys Are '84
  6. Munchies
  7. Runaway Daughters
    Mrs. Cahn
  8. Batteries Not Included
  9. Holiday in the Sun
  10. Red Shoe Diaries: Hotline

Wendy Schaal TV Starring Roles

  1. It's a Living
  2. American Dad!
    Francine Smith
    American Dad!
  3. Back at the Barnyard
  4. Nearly Departed
  5. Good Grief
  6. Fantasy Island
    Fantasy Island

Wendy Schaal TV Guest Roles

  1. Hawke's Run
    Marylin Kelsy
    Hawke's Run
  2. The Freak
    Darlene Beechem
  3. Chimera
    Martha Crittendon
  4. Nan's Ghost (2)
    Zulika Brown
  5. The Nineteenth Hole
    Race Organizer
  6. Limbo
    Nancy Neiman
  7. Undercover
    Helena Barsamian
  8. Are We Not Friends?
  9. Midnight Highway
  10. The New Person
    Vickie Dimas