Thaao Penghlis

Thaao Penghlis

Born Dec 15, 1945
  • Actor
Thaao Penghlis is an Australian actor. He is better known for roles in the U.S. daytime soap operas such as Days of our Lives, Santa Barbara, and General Hospital, but he has also guest-starred on a number of crime dramas, such as Kojak, Cannon, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, Hart to Hart, Nero Wolfe and ...

Thaao Penghlis Stats


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Dec 15, 1945 (73 years old)

Place of Birth

: Sydney

Thaao Penghlis Film Roles

  1. Nina & the Mystery of the Secret Room
    Nicholas Theophilus
    Nina & the Mystery of the Secret Room
  2. Les Patterson Saves the World
    Les Patterson Saves the World
  3. Altered States
    Altered States
  4. Sadat

Thaao Penghlis TV Starring Roles

  1. Mission: Impossible
  2. Days of our Lives
    Tony DiMera
  3. General Hospital
    Victor Cassadine
  4. General Hospital
    Victor Cassadine

Thaao Penghlis TV Guest Roles

  1. Promises
    Eduardo Valli
  2. The Games Children Play
    Yanni Psalidas
  3. All Thieves on Deck
    Phillipe Fabre Dumout
  4. Murder Wrap
  5. Older Than Springtime
    Armando Shia
  6. Diamonds Aren't Forever
    Van Cott
  7. Night of the Piraeus
    Yanni Psalidas
  8. What Happened to April?
    Paul Cummings
  9. Dead Heat