Terry Lester

Born Apr 13, 1950
  • Actor, Presenter
Terry Lester was an American actor. Lester was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, graduating from high school at Southport High School, and began an acting career while at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana in musical theater, concert performances, along with numerous primetime TV guest roles. He...

Terry Lester Stats


: Actor, Presenter


: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Apr 13, 1950 - Nov 28, 2003 (53 years old)

Place of Birth

: Indianapolis

Date of Death

: Nov 28, 2003

Cause of Death

: Myocardial infarction

Terry Lester Film Roles

  1. Airport 1975
    Mr. Kelly

Terry Lester TV Starring Roles

  1. Ark II
    Ark II

Terry Lester TV Guest Roles

  1. Rendezvous
    CPO Fred Holst
  2. Return Engagements
    Rudy Millington
    Return Engagements
  3. Power Angels
    Earl McMartin
  4. Maneuvers
    Terry Lester
  5. Echoes
    Chad Wheeler
  6. Swan Song for an Ugly Duckling
  7. The Cupid Crisis
    Reed Ellis