Teresa Teng

Born Jan 29, 1953
  • Singer
Teresa Teng was a Taiwanese Chinese pop singer. Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. Many became standards in her lifetime, such as "When Will You Return?" and "The Moon Represents My Heart". She recorded songs not only in her native Mandarin but also in Taiwanese Hokkien, Cantone...

Teresa Teng Stats


: 鄧麗君, µËÀö¾ý, ¾HÄR§g, 邓丽君, Deng Li Jun, テレサテン, テレサ・テン, Teresa Ten, Deng Lijun, Teng Lee-chun


: Singer


: 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)


: Taiwanese people


: Taiwan

Date of Birth

: Jan 29, 1953 - May 8, 1995 (42 years old)

Place of Birth

: Baozhong, Yunlin

Date of Death

: May 8, 1995

Place of Death

: Chiang Mai

Cause of Death

: Asthma

Teresa Teng Film Roles

  1. Everybody Is Laughing
  2. My Native Land
  3. The Success Story of Teresa Tang
  4. Flower Under Rains of Love
  5. Spring Wind
  6. A Saturday Date
  7. First Come, First Love
  8. Where the Seagull Flies
  9. I Want to Sing
    Ting Tang

Teresa Teng TV Starring Roles

  1. Tobe! Songokû

Teresa Teng Albums

  1. Dàndàn yōuqíng
  2. The History of Teresa Teng
  3. Best of 15 Years
  4. Super Selection
  6. Anata to ikiru / Umibe no hoteru
  7. ふるさとはどこですか/あなたに帰りたい
  8. Akashia no yume / Michishio
  9. Jerusomīna no arui ta michi
  10. Konya kashira ashita kashira / Ame ni nure ta hana