Steven Hill

Born Feb 24, 1922
  • Actor, Voice Actor, Real Estate Broker
Steven Hill is an American film and television actor. His two better-known roles are District Attorney Adam Schiff on the NBC TV drama series Law & Order, whom he portrayed for ten seasons, and Dan Briggs, the original team leader of the Impossible Missions Force on CBS's television series Mission: ...

Steven Hill Stats


: Solomon Krakovsky, Steve Hill


: Actor, Voice Actor, Real Estate Broker


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Feb 24, 1922 (96 years old)

Place of Birth

: Seattle

Steven Hill Film Roles

  1. Billy Bathgate
    Otto Berman
  2. Garbo Talks
  3. White Palace
  4. The Boost
  5. A Lady Without Passport
  6. Rich And Famous
    Jules Levi
  7. On Valentine's Day
  8. Heartburn
    Harry Samstat
  9. Running on Empty
  10. Eyewitness

Steven Hill Film Appearances

  1. Miracle of Survival

Steven Hill TV Starring Roles

  1. Mission: Impossible
    Dan Briggs
  2. Law & Order
    D.A. Adam Schiff

Steven Hill TV Guest Roles

  1. The Jack Legs Diamond Story
    Jack "Legs" Diamond
  2. The Traveling Lady
    Slim Breedlove
  3. The Gray Rock Hotel
    Marty Brown
  4. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Part One)
  5. Enough Rope for Two
    Joe Kedzie
  6. Man on the Mountain
    guest star
  7. The Sound and the Fury
  8. Journey to the Day
  9. Downfall
    Joseph December
  10. I'll Be Alright in the Morning
    Dr. Keith Bernard