Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy

Born Apr 5, 1900
  • Actor
Spencer Bonaventure Tracy was an American actor. Respected for his natural style and versatility, Tracy was one of the major stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. In a screen career that spanned 37 years, he was nominated for nine Academy Awards for Best Actor and won two, sharing the record for nominati...

Spencer Tracy Stats


: Spencer Bonaventure Tracy, Pops, Spence, Spencer Bernard Tracy


: Actor


: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)


: Irish American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Apr 5, 1900 - Jun 10, 1967 (67 years old)

Place of Birth

: Milwaukee

Date of Death

: Jun 10, 1967

Place of Death

: Beverly Hills

Cause of Death

: Myocardial infarction

Spencer Tracy Film Roles

  1. Adam's Rib
    Adam Bonner
  2. Bad Day at Black Rock
    John J. Macreedy
  3. Broken Lance
    Matt Devereaux
  4. Captains Courageous
    Manuel Fidello
    Captains Courageous
  5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Dr. Henry Jekyll
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  6. Father of the Bride
    Stanley T. Banks
    Father of the Bride
  7. Fury
    Joe Wilson
  8. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
    Matt Drayton
  9. Inherit the Wind
    Henry Drummond

Spencer Tracy Film Appearances

  1. Murnau, Borzage & Fox Documentary
  2. La Classe américaine
  3. That's Entertainment, Part II
  4. The Miracle of Sound
  5. How the West Was Won
    How the West Was Won

Spencer Tracy TV Guest Roles

  1. The 10th Annual Academy Awards
  2. The 23rd Annual Academy Awards
  3. The 11th Annual Academy Awards
  4. The 9th Annual Academy Awards

Spencer Tracy TV Appearances

  1. MGM: When the Lion Roars