Sheldon Reynolds

Born Dec 10, 1923
  • Guitarist
Sheldon Reynolds was an American television producer best known for his involvement in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. In 1954, he produced one of the first television shows to feature the Holmes and Watson characters, which did not directly adapt Conan-Doyle's original Holmes stories. It starred Ron...

Sheldon Reynolds Stats


: Guitarist

Date of Birth

: Dec 10, 1923 - Jan 25, 2003 (79 years old)

Place of Birth

: United States of America

Date of Death

: Jan 25, 2003

Sheldon Reynolds Film Roles

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire: Live by Request
  2. Earth, Wind and Fire: Live

Sheldon Reynolds Film Director

  1. Foreign Intrigue
    Foreign Intrigue
  2. Killer's Carnival
    Killer's Carnival
  3. Assignment to Kill
    Assignment to Kill
  4. Sophia Loren in Rome