Rick Campanelli

Rick Campanelli

Born Jan 5, 1970
  • Actor, TV Personality, Presenter, VJ
Riccardo Tomasso "Rick" Campanelli is a Canadian television personality.

Rick Campanelli Stats


: Rick the Temp, Richard Adam Matthew Campanelli, Riccardo Tomasso Campanelli, Rick "The Franchise" Campanelli, Ricky, Riccardo Tomasso "Rick" Campanelli


: Actor, TV Personality, Presenter, VJ


: Canada

Date of Birth

: Jan 5, 1970 (49 years old)

Place of Birth

: Hamilton

Rick Campanelli Film Roles

  1. Superstar
    Reporter #1

Rick Campanelli TV Starring Roles

  1. Electric Circus
  2. 2005 MuchMusic Video Awards
  3. Deal or No Deal Canada
  4. 2004 MuchMusic Video Awards
  5. Entertainment Tonight Canada
  6. Exposed
  7. Exposed
  8. Live at Much

Rick Campanelli TV Appearances

  1. Electric Circus
  2. Entertainment Tonight Canada