Richard Harris

Born Oct 1, 1930
  • Singer-songwriter, Actor, Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter
Richard St John Harris was an Irish actor, singer, theatrical producer, film director and writer. He appeared on stage and in many films, and is perhaps best known for his role as Frank Machin in This Sporting Life and Corrado Zeller in the Red Desert. He is also known for playing King Arthur in the...

Richard Harris Stats


: Richard St John Harris, Richard St. John Harris, Richard Kharris, Harris


: Singer-songwriter, Actor, Film Director, Film Producer, Screenwriter


: 6 ft (1.85 m)


: Irish people


: Republic of Ireland

Date of Birth

: Oct 1, 1930 - Oct 25, 2002 (72 years old)

Place of Birth

: Limerick

Date of Death

: Oct 25, 2002

Place of Death

: University College Hospital

Cause of Death

: Hodgkin's lymphoma

Richard Harris Film Roles

  1. Camelot
    King Arthur
  2. Gladiator
    Marcus Aurelius
  3. Grizzly Falls
    Old Harry
  4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Professor Albus Dumbledore
  5. Hawaii
    Capt. Rafer Hoxworth
  6. Juggernaut
    Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Fallon
  7. Major Dundee
    Captain Benjamin Tyreen
  8. Mutiny on the Bounty
    Seaman John Mills
  9. Orca
    Captain Nolan
  10. Tarzan, the Ape Man
    James Parker
    Tarzan, the Ape Man

Richard Harris Film Director

  1. Bloomfield

Richard Harris Film Executive Producer

  1. Echoes of a Summer
    Echoes of a Summer

Richard Harris Film Appearances

  1. Never Apologize
    Never Apologize
  2. Interviews with Professors & More

Richard Harris TV Guest Roles

  1. Robert F. Kennedy Tribute - Dionne Warwick; Duke Ellington; Charlton Heston
  2. Show #0095
  3. Richard Harris, Kim Cattrall, Elton John
  4. The 39th Annual Academy Awards
  5. The Snow Goose
  6. True Story
    Stage Hand
  7. Richard Harris / Ella Fitzgerald / Stiller & Meara
  8. Host: Diahann Carroll / Richard Harris
  9. Series 3, Show 1
  10. Richard Harris

Richard Harris Albums

  1. A Tramp Shining
  2. The Webb Sessions 1968-1969
  3. MacArthur Park
  4. My Boy
  5. The Yard Went On Forever