Pigeon John

  • Rapper
John Kenneth Dunkin, better known by his stage name Pigeon John, is an American rapper based in Los Angeles, California. He is a former member of L.A. Symphony.

Pigeon John Stats


: John Dust


: Rapper


: United States of America

Place of Birth

: Omaha

Pigeon John Film Roles

  1. Hip Hope Hits 2005
  2. This Is the Life

Pigeon John Albums

  1. Pigeon John Sings the Blues!
  2. Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party
  3. Pigeon John Is Clueless
    Pigeon John Is Clueless
  4. Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister
  5. Featuring Pigeon John
  6. Featuring Pigeon John 2
  7. Dragon Slayer
  8. Originalz
  9. Life Goes On
  10. Set It Loose