Ned Romero

Born Dec 4, 1926
  • Actor, Opera Singer
Ned Romero is an American actor and opera singer who has appeared in television and film. Romero was born in Franklin, the seat of St. Mary Parish in South Louisiana, the son of Anna and Sidney Romero. His ancestry is Chitimacha Native American, as well as Spanish and French. He began his career in ...

Ned Romero Stats


: Actor, Opera Singer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Dec 4, 1926 (92 years old)

Place of Birth

: Franklin

Ned Romero Film Roles

  1. Children of the Corn: The Final Sacrifice
    Frank Redbear
  2. House IV
  3. I Will Fight No More Forever
    I Will Fight No More Forever
  4. Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
  5. Expiration Date
    Old Native Man
    Expiration Date
  6. Big Daddy
    Big Daddy
  7. Gone to Texas
    Chief John Jolley
  8. Hang 'Em High
    Charlie Blackfoot

Ned Romero TV Starring Roles

  1. Dan August
  2. Bigfoot and Wildboy
  3. The D.A.

Ned Romero TV Guest Roles

  1. A Private Little War
  2. Space Croppers
    Space Croppers
  3. Family Man
  4. Warrior's Return
    John Walala
  5. A Shadow on the Sea
  6. Act of Vengeance
    Sergeant Keller
  7. A Gift from Father Tapis
    Father De La Cuesta
  8. Southwind
  9. For What We Are About to Receive
    Carlos Mendoza
  10. The Cenotaph (1)
    Lame Dog