Moguai, is a German DJ and EDM producer. He is best known for his 2002 hit "U Know Y", and his earlier hit "The Rock" which used a sample from the song "Top Billin'" by rap group Audio Two. Starting in early 2010, he became one of few people to release music on deadmau5's record label, mau5trap. On ...

Moguai Stats


: Andre Tegeler, DJ Moguai, André Tegeler, Tegeler, André

Place of Birth

: Germany

Moguai Albums

  1. Freaks
  2. Sasha (Sex Secret)
  3. Freaks
  4. Oyster
  5. Sittin' On Chrome
  6. We Ar Lyve
  7. Techno Club, Volume 8
  8. Mammoth
  9. Optinuum (original mix)
  10. Ya Mama (Push the Tempo)