Mike Horner

Born Feb 3, 1955
  • Pornographic actor, Film Producer, Film Director, Screenwriter
Mike Horner is an American pornographic actor. He is sometimes credited as Don Hart, Don Horner, "Dan Sir" or Johnny Wilson. Mike Horner began acting in small sex films, at the time referred to as loops, in January 1978. His first feature movie was 1979's Tangerine. He has been in over 1500 feature ...

Mike Horner Stats


: Michael George Coe, Johnny Wilson, Don Hart, Mike Hanes, Don Hardin, Keith Webster, Don Ark, Don Durrell, Don Miller, Roy Clark Jr.


: Pornographic actor, Film Producer, Film Director, Screenwriter


: 6 ft (1.85 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Feb 3, 1955 (64 years old)

Place of Birth

: Portland

Mike Horner Film Roles

  1. Who's Nailin' Paylin?
    Bill Oraly
  2. Co-Ed Fever
  3. Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw
  4. Breathless
    Capt. Reinhard
  5. Not the Brady's
  6. Careful, He May Be Watching
    Bill Smith
  7. American Garter
    Accountant Joe
  8. Euphoria
    Dr. Baron
  9. Euphoria
    Barron Shakes
  10. Euphoria
    Winston Jones