Mick Molloy

Born Jul 11, 1966
  • Presenter, Comedian
Michael "Mick" Molloy is an Australian comedian, writer, producer and actor who has been active in the fields of radio, television, stand-up and film. He is on the Triple M Melbourne's breakfast show The Hot Breakfast and Network Ten's AFL program Before the Game.

Mick Molloy Stats


: Michael Molloy


: Presenter, Comedian


: Australia

Date of Birth

: Jul 11, 1966 (51 years old)

Place of Birth

: Canberra

Mick Molloy Film Roles

  1. Bad Eggs
  2. Crackerjack
  3. BoyTown
  4. Macbeth
  5. Stiff
  6. The Brush-Off
  7. Patrick

Mick Molloy Film Director

  1. Tackle Happy

Mick Molloy Film Producer

  1. Crackerjack
  2. Tackle Happy
  3. BoyTown

Mick Molloy Film Appearances

  1. Patrick

Mick Molloy TV Starring Roles

  1. The D-Generation
  2. The Mick Molloy Show
  3. The Nation
  4. The Jesters
  5. The Late Show
    The Late Show
  6. Before the Game
  7. Between the Lines

Mick Molloy TV Appearances

  1. The Late Show
    The Late Show