Michael Warren

Born Mar 5, 1946
  • Actor, Basketball player
Michael Warren is an American TV actor and former college basketball player, best known for playing Officer Bobby Hill on the NBC television series Hill Street Blues.

Michael Warren Stats


: Mike Warren, Lloyd Michael Warren


: Actor, Basketball player


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Mar 5, 1946 (71 years old)

Place of Birth

: South Bend

Michael Warren Film Roles

  1. Anderson's Cross
    Mr. Anderson
    Anderson's Cross
  2. Storyville
  3. Butterflies Are Free
    Roy Stratton
  4. Heaven Is a Playground
    Byron Harper
    Heaven Is a Playground
  5. Drive, He Said
    Drive, He Said
  6. Fast Break
  7. Cleopatra Jones
  8. Species III
    Agent Wasach
  9. Miami Supercops
    Miami Supercops

Michael Warren TV Starring Roles

  1. Hill Street Blues
    Robert Hill
  2. City of Angels
  3. Sierra
  4. Paris
  5. Sweet Justice
  6. In the House

Michael Warren TV Guest Roles

  1. Normal Again
  2. Daddy's Home
  3. A River in Egypt
  4. Lost and Found
  5. Jason and Big Mo
  6. A Stranger In Time (1)
    A Stranger In Time (1)
  7. Joan's Birthday Suit
  8. Nanna Don't Play
  9. Little Angels of the Night
  10. Meet the New Job