Michael Caton-Jones

Born Oct 15, 1957
  • Film Director, Film Producer, Television Director, Actor
Michael Caton-Jones is a Scottish film director of such films as Scandal, Rob Roy, Memphis Belle and The Jackal. Caton-Jones was born in Broxburn, Lothian, Scotland.

Michael Caton-Jones Stats


: Michael Jones


: Film Director, Film Producer, Television Director, Actor


: Scotland

Date of Birth

: Oct 15, 1957 (61 years old)

Place of Birth

: Broxburn

Michael Caton-Jones Film Roles

  1. Doc Hollywood
    L.A. Maitre D'
  2. The Jackal
    Man in Video

Michael Caton-Jones Film Director

  1. Basic Instinct 2
  2. Doc Hollywood
  3. Memphis Belle
  4. Rob Roy
  5. Scandal
  6. The Jackal
  7. This Boy's Life
  8. City by the Sea
  9. Shooting Dogs

Michael Caton-Jones Film Producer

  1. The Jackal
  2. City by the Sea
  3. Rob Roy

Michael Caton-Jones Film Executive Producer

  1. Rob Roy

Michael Caton-Jones TV Guest Roles

  1. Michael J. Fox