Michael Callan

Born Nov 22, 1935
  • Actor, Singer, Dancer
Michael Callan is an American actor. Born Martin Harris Calinieff in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Callan began his career as Mickey Calin, and it was with this name, he appeared on Broadway in The Boy Friend, Catch a Star and West Side Story. Callan's film career began in 1959 where he was contracted...

Michael Callan Stats


: Martin Calinieff, Mickey Calin, Mickey Callan, Michael Callen, Martin Harris Calinieff, Mickey


: Actor, Singer, Dancer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Nov 22, 1935 (82 years old)

Place of Birth

: Philadelphia

Michael Callan Film Roles

  1. The Magnificent Seven Ride
    Noah Forbes
  2. Mysterious Island
  3. The Cat and the Canary
  4. Leprechaun 3
  5. Gidget Goes Hawaiian
  6. The Interns
  7. Freeway
  8. They Came to Cordura
    Pvt. Andrew Hetherington
  9. Bon Voyage!
  10. Stuck on You
    Fox Prexy

Michael Callan Film Director

  1. Racetrack Trauma

Michael Callan TV Starring Roles

  1. Occasional Wife

Michael Callan TV Guest Roles

  1. Poisoned Pigeon
    Tim Darnell
  2. The Love Victim
    Tyce Edwards
  3. The Vegas Connection
    Cass Harper
  4. The Two Sides of Truth
    William Farrell
  5. The Barking Dog
  6. Chorus Line Angels
    Darian Mason
  7. Quantico
    Charlie Hunter
  8. Fatal Paradise
    Phillip Sparling
  9. Bon Voyage, Alonso
  10. Hyde-and-Seek