Maxime Remillard

Born Jan 17, 1975
  • Film Producer, Television Producer
Maxime Rémillard, born on January 17, 1975 in Greenfield Park, Quebec, is co-president and chief operating officer of Remstar Corporation, founded in 1997. The company produces and distributes cinema and television products, including the V TV network.

Maxime Remillard Stats


: Maxime Rémillard


: Film Producer, Television Producer


: Canada

Date of Birth

: Jan 17, 1975 (44 years old)

Place of Birth

: Greenfield Park

Maxime Remillard Film Producer

  1. No Good Deed
    No Good Deed
  2. Mesrine: Public Enemy #1
  3. Polytechnique
  4. Jusqu'à toi
  5. Head in the Clouds

Maxime Remillard Film Executive Producer

  1. An American Haunting