Mary Cadorette

Born Mar 31, 1957
  • Actor
Mary Therese Cadorette is an American actress best known for playing John Ritter's live-in girlfriend, flight attendant Vicky Bradford on the short-lived 1984 Three's Company spinoff, Three's a Crowd. Cadorette was born in East Hartford, Connecticut. She started taking dance classes when she was fiv...

Mary Cadorette Stats


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1957-03-31

Place of Birth

: East Hartford

Mary Cadorette Film Roles

  1. Stewardess School
    Stewardess School

Mary Cadorette TV Starring Roles

  1. Three's a Crowd

Mary Cadorette TV Guest Roles

  1. Exactly Like You
    Janine Wilkes
  2. The Last Harangue
    Amy Gayle
  3. Cupid Works Overtime
    Vicky Bradford
    Cupid Works Overtime
  4. The Scrooge
    Kathy Williams
  5. Unnecessary Losses
    Prosecutor Jessica Tilden
  6. The Guardian
    Rebecca Bauwer
  7. Respect
  8. One More for the Road
    Carla Kramer
    One More for the Road
  9. Fallon's Baby
  10. Fools' Gold