Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau

Born Mar 22, 1923
  • Actor, Mime artist
Marcel Marceau was an internationally acclaimed French actor and mime most famous for his stage persona as "Bip the Clown." He referred to mime as the "art of silence," and he performed professionally worldwide for over 60 years. As a youth, he lived in hiding and worked with the French Resistance d...

Marcel Marceau Stats


: Marcel Mangel, Bip the Clown, Le Mime Marceau


: Actor, Mime artist


: French people


: France

Date of Birth

: Mar 22, 1923 - Sep 22, 2007 (84 years old)

Place of Birth

: Strasbourg

Date of Death

: Sep 22, 2007

Place of Death

: Cahors

Marcel Marceau Film Roles

  1. Barbarella
    Professor Ping
  2. Silent Movie
  3. Shanks
    Malcolm Shanks
  4. Joseph's Gift
    The Snake
    Joseph's Gift
  5. Paganini
  6. Elogio della pazzia
  7. The Islands
  8. Red Skelton's More Funny Faces
    Bip the Mime
  9. We Called Him Robert
  10. It

Marcel Marceau Film Appearances

  1. Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story

Marcel Marceau TV Guest Roles

  1. Bing Crosby (on film) / James Arness / Mike Kellin & Sondra Lee
  2. Concert in Pantomime '66 with Marcel Marceau
  3. Moms Mabley, Marcel Marceau, Arte Johnson, Doug Kershaw
  4. Episode #21
  5. Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau / Maurice Chevalier
  6. Season 4, Episode 5
  7. Episode #28
  8. Cuckoo : A Celebration of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Marcel Marceau Books

  1. Marcel Marceau Alphabet Book
  2. Marcel Marceau Counting Book
  3. La ballade de Paris et du Monde
  4. The story of Bip
  5. Le Troisième Œil
  6. Bip in a book
  7. Pimporello
  8. Le mime Marcel Marceau
  9. Lhistoire De Bip (INSCRIBED
  10. Les rêveries de Bip