Marc Dorcel

Born Mar 27, 1938
  • Film Producer, Film Director, Film Score Composer
Marc Dorcel is a French producer of pornographic films who founded the company Video Marc Dorcel. Besides producing films by himself, he also produces films in partnership with people like Michel Ricaud, Cyril Randuineau, Marc Ange and Michel Barny. Dorcel is known for the long-running Pornochic fil...

Marc Dorcel Stats


: Marcel Herskovitz, Walter Ego


: Film Producer, Film Director, Film Score Composer


: France

Date of Birth

: Mar 27, 1938 (81 years old)

Place of Birth

: France

Marc Dorcel Film Director

  1. Backstreets of Paris

Marc Dorcel Film Producer

  1. French Flesh
  2. Backstreets of Paris
  3. Russian Institute: Anna et ses soeurs
  4. Inglorious Bitches
  5. My First Orgy
  6. Ritual
  7. Lesbian Prison
  8. Russian Institute - Lesson 5
  9. Casino, No Limit

Marc Dorcel Film Executive Producer

  1. Backstreets of Paris
  2. 7 Sex-Starved Nurses
  3. Anal Soccer Girls
  4. Journal d'une fille au pair
  5. French Connexion