Manuel Mijares

Manuel Mijares

Born Feb 7, 1958
  • Actor, Singer
Manuel Mijares is an adult-contemporary pop singer who is billed simply as "Mijares". He began his career at age 23 and achieved high popularity from the mid-80s to mid 90s in Hispanic-America and Japan mainly. He is currently separated from the singer/actress Lucero, with whom he has two children.

Manuel Mijares Stats


: Mijares, Mijares, Manuel


: Actor, Singer

Date of Birth

: Feb 7, 1958 (61 years old)

Place of Birth

: Mexico City

Manuel Mijares Albums

  1. 20 Kilates De Oro
  2. Antología
  3. El encuentro
    El encuentro
  4. Historias de un amor...
    Historias de un amor...
  5. María Bonita
    María Bonita
  6. Vivir Así
  7. El Privilegio de Amar
    El Privilegio de Amar
  8. Encadenado
  9. Un Hombre Discreto
    Un Hombre Discreto
  10. Honor a Quien Honor Merece
    Honor a Quien Honor Merece