Len Cariou

Len Cariou

Born Sep 30, 1939
  • Singer, Actor
Leonard Joseph "Len" Cariou is a Canadian actor, best known for his portrayal of Sweeney Todd in the original cast of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He currently plays the patriarch, Henry Reagan, NYPD Police Commissioner, in the multi-generational television series Blue Bloods on C...

Len Cariou Stats


: Leonard Joseph Cariou, Leonard Joseph “Len” Cariou, Len


: Singer, Actor


: Canadian


: Canada

Date of Birth

: 1939-09-30

Place of Birth

: Winnipeg

Len Cariou Film Roles

  1. Boynton Beach Club
  2. Lady in White
  3. A Little Night Music
  4. The Johnstown Flood
  5. Secret Window
    Sheriff Dave Newsome
    Secret Window
  6. The Onion Movie
    Norm Archer
  7. About Schmidt
    Ray Nichols
  8. Never Talk to Strangers
    Henry Taylor
  9. Executive Decision
    Secretary of Defense Charles White
    Executive Decision
  10. The Four Seasons

Len Cariou TV Starring Roles

  1. Blue Bloods
    Henry Reagan
  2. Murder, She Wrote
  3. Swift Justice
  4. Into the Storm
  5. Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House

Len Cariou TV Guest Roles

  1. Corner of the Eye
  2. Coda
  3. In this White House
  4. Seeds of Destruction