Lauren Sánchez

Lauren Sánchez

Born Dec 19, 1969
  • Actor, Presenter, Journalist
Lauren Wendy Sánchez is an American news anchor, entertainment reporter, and media personality. She is the co-host on KTTV Fox-11's Good Day LA and the station's Ten o'clock News. She was formerly the weekend anchor and special correspondent on Extra. Sánchez is also a regular contributor on shows...

Lauren Sánchez Stats


: Lauren Sanchez, Wendy Lauren Sanchez, Lauren Wendy Sánchez, W. Lauren Sanchez


: Actor, Presenter, Journalist


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Dec 19, 1969 (48 years old)

Place of Birth

: Albuquerque

Lauren Sánchez Film Roles

  1. The Day After Tomorrow
    International Newscaster
  2. Zoom
  3. College Road Trip
    News Anchor
  4. Hollywood Homicide
    Chopper Newscaster #1
    Hollywood Homicide
  5. Fight Club
    Channel 4 Reporter
    Fight Club
  6. Fantastic Four
    Reporter #3
  7. Celeste and Jesse Forever
    News Reporter
  8. Akeelah and the Bee

Lauren Sánchez TV Starring Roles

  1. Extra

Lauren Sánchez TV Guest Roles

  1. Wilmer Valderrama, Lauren Sanchez, & Julius Sharpe
  2. Epiphanies
    News Anchor
  3. A Full Court Conspiracy

Lauren Sánchez TV Appearances

  1. So You Think You Can Dance