Kherington Payne

Born Jan 26, 1990
  • Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer
Kherington Payne is an American dancer and actress who came to prominence as a Top 10 Finalist in Season 4 of the hit reality-dance show So You Think You Can Dance and in a role in the 2009 reinvention of the movie Fame. She's been a principal dancer for Katy Perry, and was a lead cast member on E! ...

Kherington Payne Stats


: Kherington Taylor Payne, KK


: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Jan 26, 1990 (29 years old)

Place of Birth

: Whittier

Kherington Payne Film Roles

  1. Fame
    Alice Ellerton
  2. Leading Ladies
    Check Out Girl #5
  3. No Strings Attached
    Frat Party Dancer #2
    No Strings Attached

Kherington Payne TV Guest Roles

  1. Hairography
    Jane Adams

Kherington Payne TV Appearances