Jonathan Sheinberg

  • Film Producer
Jonathan Sheinberg is an American film producer. Jonathan Sheinberg is the son of lawyer and film executive Sid Sheinberg and actress Lorraine Gary. His brother is producer Bill Sheinberg. Sheinberg began his career in 1990 co-producing Steven Seagal's Hard to Kill. Through the 90s, he produced film...

Jonathan Sheinberg Stats


: Jon, Jon Sheinberg


: Film Producer


: United States of America

Jonathan Sheinberg Film Producer

  1. The Pest
  2. McHale's Navy
  3. Playing Mona Lisa
  4. Creature
  5. A Common Man
  6. The Devil's Tomb
  7. Slappy and the Stinkers

Jonathan Sheinberg Film Executive Producer

  1. Passenger 57
  2. Rush to War