Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas

  • Actor, Soldier, Film Producer
Jon Huertas is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Sergeant Antonio 'Poke' Espera in HBO's Generation Kill, Joe Negroni in the film Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and homicide detective Javier Esposito in Castle.

Jon Huertas Stats


: Jon William Scott Hofstedt, John Huertas


: Actor, Soldier, Film Producer


: United States of America

Jon Huertas Film Roles

  1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
  2. Believers
  3. The Objective
  4. The Insatiable
  5. Right at Your Door
  6. The Yard Sale
    The Yard Sale
  7. Buddy Boy
  8. Cold Hearts
    Cold Hearts
  9. Why Do Fools Fall in Love
    Joe Negroni
  10. Stash House
    Ray Jaffe
    Stash House

Jon Huertas Film Director

  1. Lone

Jon Huertas Film Executive Producer

  1. Lone
  2. After-School Special
    After-School Special

Jon Huertas TV Starring Roles

  1. Castle
    Javier Esposito
  2. Generation Kill
    Generation Kill
  3. The Joe Schmo Show

Jon Huertas TV Guest Roles

  1. The Prom
  2. I Love Moesha
  3. A Class Act Christmas
  4. A Perfect Game
  5. Barking up the wrong tree
  6. Must Be a Guy Thing
  7. Episode 106
  8. Nine Lives
    Nine Lives
  9. Allison from Palmdale
  10. Life Imitating Art

Jon Huertas Albums

  1. Sex Is the Word (feat. Roc$tedy)
  2. Ledge of Love
  3. Grown & Sexy Music
  4. Champion