Jim Stafford

Born Jan 16, 1944
  • Comedian, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Film Score Composer
James Wayne "Jim" Stafford is an American comedian, musician, and singer-songwriter. While prominent in the 1970s for his records "Swamp Witch", "Spiders & Snakes", "My Girl Bill", and "Wildwood Weed", Stafford has headlined at his own theater in Branson, Missouri since 1990. Stafford is self-taught...

Jim Stafford Stats


: James Wayne Stafford, Stafford, Jim, J. Stafford


: Comedian, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Film Score Composer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Jan 16, 1944 (73 years old)

Place of Birth

: Branson

Jim Stafford Film Roles

  1. Any Which Way You Can
    Long John
  2. Kid Colter

Jim Stafford TV Starring Roles

  1. Television Parts
  2. Music Hall America
  3. The Jim Stafford Show
  4. Those Amazing Animals
  5. Nashville on the Road

Jim Stafford TV Guest Roles

  1. Fifth Dimension / Jim Stafford
  2. Smithereens
    Buffalo Bill
  3. Jim Stafford / Hues Corporation
  4. Show #14
  5. A Friendly Double Cross
  6. co-host Jim Stafford
  7. Jim Stafford / Ohio Players
  8. Host: Glen Campbell
  9. Buffalo Bill Rides Again
  10. Ashford & Simpson / Dave Mason / Jim Stafford

Jim Stafford Albums

  1. Cow Patti
  2. Greatest Hits
  3. The Best of Jim Stafford
  4. The Ultimate Jim Stafford
  5. Jim Stafford
  6. Jasper