Jeff Mangum

Jeff Mangum

Born Oct 24, 1970
  • Singer, Actor, Musician
Jeff Mangum is an American musician best known for being the lyricist, vocalist and guitarist of the band Neutral Milk Hotel, as well as being one of the cofounders of The Elephant 6 Recording Company. He has also been referred to as Jeff Magnum, as a nickname. Born in Ruston, Louisiana, Mangum, alo...

Jeff Mangum Stats


: Jeff Magnum, World of Wild Beards Incorporated, Mangum, Jeff, Jefferson Nigh Mangum, Magnum, Jeff


: Singer, Actor, Musician


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Oct 24, 1970 (48 years old)

Place of Birth

: Ruston

Jeff Mangum Musical Groups

  1. The Olivia Tremor Control
    The Olivia Tremor Control
  2. Neutral Milk Hotel
    Lead vocalist
  3. Synthetic Flying Machine
  4. Circulatory System
    Circulatory System
  5. Major Organ and the Adding Machine
  6. The Dead Boys
    The Dead Boys
  7. Frankenstein

Jeff Mangum Albums

  1. Live at Jittery Joe's
  2. Orange Twin Field Works: Volume I
    Orange Twin Field Works: Volume I