James Van Praagh

Born Aug 23, 1958
  • Author, Television Producer, Writer
James Van Praagh is an American author, producer and television personality who describes himself as a clairvoyant and spiritual medium. He has written numerous books, including The New York Times bestseller Talking to Heaven. He co-executive produced the CBS primetime series The Ghost Whisperer, wh...

James Van Praagh Stats


: Author, Television Producer, Writer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Aug 23, 1958 (60 years old)

Place of Birth

: Bayside

James Van Praagh Film Roles

  1. The Shadow Effect
  2. The Moses Code
    The Moses Code

James Van Praagh Film Executive Producer

  1. The Dead Will Tell
    The Dead Will Tell

James Van Praagh Film Appearances

  1. The Moses Code
    The Moses Code

James Van Praagh TV Guest Roles

  1. Hillary and Jesus
  2. Talking to the Dead
  3. Kate Walsh, James Van Praagh, guest co-host Renee Goldsberry
  4. Olympia Dukakis, Josh Bernstein, Chuck Nice, Steven Ward, James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh Books

  1. Und der Himmel tat sich auf. Jenseitsbotschaften. Die geistige Welt und das Leben nach dem Tode.
  2. Hablando Con el Cielo
  3. Tuning Into: Intuition/Abundance
  4. Meditations with James Van Praagh
  5. Heaven and Earth
  6. Looking Beyond
  7. Healing grief
  8. Talking to heaven
  9. Reaching to Heaven
  10. Ghosts Among Us