Gordon Jackson

Gordon Jackson

Born Dec 19, 1923
  • Actor
Gordon Cameron Jackson, OBE was a Scottish Emmy Award-winning actor best remembered for his roles as the butler Angus Hudson in Upstairs, Downstairs and as George Cowley, the head of CI5, in The Professionals.

Gordon Jackson Stats


: Gordon Cameron Jackson


: Actor


: United Kingdom

Date of Birth

: Dec 19, 1923 - Jan 15, 1990 (66 years old)

Place of Birth

: Glasgow

Date of Death

: Jan 15, 1990

Place of Death

: London

Cause of Death

: Bone cancer | Cancer

Gordon Jackson Film Roles

  1. The Great Escape
    MacDonald 'Intelligence'
    The Great Escape
  2. The Masks of Death
    Alec MacDonald
    The Masks of Death
  3. The Quatermass Xperiment
    The Quatermass Xperiment
  4. Millions Like Us
  5. Whisky Galore!
  6. The Ipcress File
  7. Greyfriars Bobby
  8. The Foreman Went to France
  9. The Whistle Blower
  10. Cast a Giant Shadow

Gordon Jackson TV Starring Roles

  1. Upstairs, Downstairs
    Angus Hudson
  2. The Professionals
  3. Shaka Zulu
  4. Noble House
  5. A Town Like Alice

Gordon Jackson TV Guest Roles

  1. Casting the Runes
  2. Harts and Hounds
    Sir William Belgrave
  3. The Seniority Rule
    Davie Todd
  4. Wind Versus Polygamy
  5. The Thin Red Line
  6. Night of the Marionettes
  7. Happy Landings
  8. The Hero's Farewell
    Angus Hudson
  9. Women shall not Weep
    Angus Hudson
  10. Home Fires
    Angus Hudson