Fay Wray

Born Sep 15, 1907
  • Actor
Fay Wray was a Canadian-American actress most noted for playing the female lead in King Kong. Through an acting career that spanned 57 years, Wray attained international renown as an actress in horror movie roles. After appearing in minor movie roles, Wray gained media attention being selected as on...

Fay Wray Stats


: Vina Fay Wray, Queen of the Bs, The Queen of Scream


: Actor


: 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)


: Canada

Date of Birth

: Sep 15, 1907 - Aug 8, 2004 (96 years old)

Place of Birth

: Cardston

Date of Death

: Aug 8, 2004

Place of Death

: New York City

Cause of Death

: Natural causes

Fay Wray Film Roles

  1. Doctor X
    Doctor X
  2. King Kong
    King Kong
  3. Adam Had Four Sons
    Molly Stoddard
  4. Bulldog Jack
  5. The Cobweb
  6. The Affairs of Cellini
  7. The Most Dangerous Game
  8. The Bowery
  9. Thunderbolt
  10. Viva Villa!

Fay Wray Film Appearances

  1. Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's

Fay Wray TV Starring Roles

  1. The Pride of the Family

Fay Wray TV Guest Roles

  1. A Dip in the Poole
    Mrs. Renshaw
  2. Money and the Minister
    Mrs. Bassett
  3. The Case of the Fatal Fetish
    Mignon Germaine
    The Case of the Fatal Fetish
  4. Bequest of Arthur Goodwin
    Amelia Goodwin
  5. The Case of the Watery Witness
    Lorna Thomas
    The Case of the Watery Witness
  6. Eddie
  7. One Nation Indivisible
  8. Flight From Terror
    Mrs. Staunton
  9. The Second Happiest Day
  10. The Case of the Prodigal Parent
    Ethel Harrison

Fay Wray Books

  1. On the other hand