Eric Peterson

Born Oct 2, 1946
  • Actor, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
Eric Neal Peterson, C.M. is a Canadian stage and television actor, known for his roles in three major Canadian series – Street Legal, Corner Gas and This is Wonderland.

Eric Peterson Stats


: Eric Neal Peterson, Eric Neal Peterson, C.M


: Actor, Voice Actor, Screenwriter


: Canada

Date of Birth

: Oct 2, 1946 (72 years old)

Place of Birth

: Indian Head

Eric Peterson Film Roles

  1. Franklin's Magic Christmas
    Grandfather Turtle
  2. Bach's Fight for Freedom
    Duke Wilhelm Ernst
  3. Earth
    Mr. Rogers
  4. Henry and Verlin
  5. Criminal Instinct: A Colder Kind of Death
    Howard Downey
  6. Do or Die
    Henry Chesser
  7. Spill
  8. The Sleep Room
    Sal Rothenberg
    The Sleep Room
  9. Long Story Short
    Long Story Short
  10. Billy Bishop Goes to War
    Billy Bishop

Eric Peterson Film Appearances

  1. The Kid Who Couldn't Miss

Eric Peterson TV Starring Roles

  1. Corner Gas
    Corner Gas
  2. Street Legal
    Leon Robinovitch
  3. This Is Wonderland

Eric Peterson TV Guest Roles

  1. A Shocker On Shock Street
  2. The Fog / House on Garden Street
  3. Betrayal
  4. Time and Again
    Mr. Tock
  5. Hippocritic Oath
  6. Candy
    Paul Mott
  7. Mr. Quigley, The Asshole Next Door
    Mr. Quigley
  8. Escape
    Alex MacKenzie
  9. Little Sister (3)
    Charlie Josephs
    Little Sister (3)
  10. Little Sister (1)
    Little Sister (1)

Eric Peterson Albums

  1. Billy Bishop Goes to War

Eric Peterson Books

  1. Billy Bishop Goes to War