Dorothee Pesch

Dorothee Pesch

Born Jun 3, 1964
  • Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record producer
Dorothee Pesch, popularly known as Doro Pesch or Doro, is a German hard rock vocalist and songwriter, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock. The name Doro has also been associated with the touring band accompanying the singer, whose members have continuously changed in more than twent...

Dorothee Pesch Stats


: Doro Pesch, Doro


: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record producer


: Germany

Date of Birth

: Jun 3, 1964 (53 years old)

Place of Birth

: Düsseldorf

Dorothee Pesch Film Appearances

  1. Real Rock Divas: Vol. 1
  2. Rock for Asia
  3. Doro: Classic Diamonds
  4. Iron Maiden: Flight 666

Dorothee Pesch Albums

  1. Raise Your Fist
    Raise Your Fist
  2. Doro
  3. 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong
  4. Machine II Machine
  5. Live
  6. Warrior Soul
  7. Metal Queen – B-Sides & Rarities
  8. Best Of
  9. White Wedding
  10. In Liebe und Freundschaft