David Paymer

Born Aug 30, 1954
  • Actor, Television Director, Voice Actor
David Paymer is an American actor and television director, seen in such films as Quiz Show, Searching for Bobby Fischer, City Slickers, Crazy People, State and Main, Payback, Get Shorty, Carpool, The American President, Ocean's Thirteen, and Drag Me to Hell. Paymer was nominated for an Academy Award...

David Paymer Stats


: David Charles Paymer


: Actor, Television Director, Voice Actor


: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1954-08-30

Place of Birth

: Oceanside

David Paymer Film Roles

  1. Drag Me to Hell
    Mr. Jacks
    Drag Me to Hell
  2. Carpool
  3. Checking Out
  4. The Hurricane
    Myron Bedlock
  5. In Good Company
  6. State and Main
    Marty Rossen
  7. Mr. Saturday Night
  8. Payback
    Arthur Stegman
  9. The American President
    Leon Kodak
  10. Balto III: Wings of Change
    Balto III: Wings of Change

David Paymer Film Appearances

  1. The Long Way Home

David Paymer TV Starring Roles

  1. Line of Fire
  2. Channel Umptee-3
  3. Downtown (1986)
  4. Santo Bugito

David Paymer TV Guest Roles

  1. Two for the Show
    Two for the Show
  2. Cold Storage
  3. Ain't Gonna Get It from Me, Jack
  4. Oil of Ol' Lay
  5. Oh Donna
  6. Lauper/Paymer
  7. Hart of Darkness
  8. Guns
  9. Strange Bedfellows (3)
    Strange Bedfellows (3)
  10. A Matter of Life or Death (2)